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Take a look at what you’ll learn and you will absolutely start to see real results in your real estate business. More leads.. More equity...Higher Spreads..Better Area's.. More deals done.

YES! I am IN! It would be silly for me to delay and let someone else get my spot! I realize this is only open for a very limited time to the next 20 fast movers.

I promise to ONLY PURCHASE as someone who is a serious go-getter, who’s ready to let these processes and systems work for me and I’m ready to bring in the consistent income and lifestyle my family and I deserve.

The 10X Brass Balls Guarantee You’ll LOVE the results you get. Your family will love seeing you less stressed out. Your competition won’t know what hit them! At the same time, I want you to know that if for any reason you don’t feel your little investment is worth TEN TIMES the price…I’ve got your back with…
A No- Questions- Asked 30- Day 100%  Money - Back Guarantee.

That means ou have a FULL 30 days to test drive this product. Go through it, learn these new skills, apply what I’m teaching, build your business, generate leads, get deals under contract and… make some money! If by the end of that time you decide it’s not for you ...Let me know and youll'get a full refund.

Scale Your Real Estate Business With The Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint!

Go From Zero To As Much As
$50,000 Per Month… Without Risking Your Own Money Or Credit!

YES! I’m ready to STOP LOSING MONEY in my wholesaling efforts and START GETTING leads, contracts, and DOING DEALS. I'm ready to cash-in-like-clockwork. I’m fed up with seeing low quality responses to my marketing and spinning my wheels with 50 different marketing methods to generate leads.

Please help me scale from 0 deals a month to 3 deals a month as quickly AND CONSISTENTLY as possible! I’m ready to get off the income roller coaster and want to be able to plan for the future success of my business and family.

Here’s What You’re Getting: The Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint is the MISSING PIECE to having a thriving real estate business that actuallys helps people with valuable solutions AND converts leads into deals, customers and cash… like clockwork.

Imagine yourself deploying this information and putting to work a system in your area that allows you to have a steady flow of OFF market deals that your competition doesn't even know about...and you are cranking out $10-25k checks each time... All the while truly helping the market place and serving up investors amazing deals!

You’re getting the ONLY SYSTEM ON THE MARKET that provides you with every piece of the pie, in a clearly laid out, step-by-step fashion… virtually guaranteeing you’ll be running a profitable wholesaling business for a long, long time to come! Imagine... never fearing marketing, talking to sellers, buyers, attorney's, title companies again!

Picture the excitement of walking into the title company 30, 60, 90 days from now to collect your larger spread check and watching the profits pile up!

When you log-in to your members’ area you’ll see you’ve got full access to all of the training right at your fingertips! You’ll jump right in to start following along through the 7 clear, concise, and easy to implement modules! 

~Steven Howell~

P.S. Just imagine a few short months from now, looking back to this very moment, and feeling so glad you made the decision today to invest in your business. You’ve now got a reliable and consistent cash cow of a business providing you reliable income that takes just 2-3 hours day to manage. Yes, it takes a little while to get set up first. You have zero regrets, taking up the generous guarantee offer, rather than deciding to stay where you are, stuck in the same place or even worse off than you were before. And now you're ready to SCALE TO THE NEXT LEVEL... :-)


Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint Master Course
($4997 Value)

  • There are 7 modules. Over 70 step by step videos. Now this master course is designed to be an implementation program. There are 7 modules. Each module is designed for you to progress through once per week. Now each module you’ll have a few clear-cut action steps to implement so that you do not have any guess work. For the next 7 weeks I am going to peal back the curtain and allow you access to the Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint. At the end of this 7 weeks you are going to have a full fledge wholesaling business built and running.
  • Detailed action and implementation steps.
  • You’ll have the marketing, the systems, the leads, everything you need in place and running. 
  • You will have skill sets put into practice and building upon them that will serve you for the rest of your life.
  • Just follow exactly what I say to do, and you’ll be well on your way to getting your next check or wire in your hands by the time you have implemented this course. It’s that simple.
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Growing & Scaling Your Business Wisely Bonus Module ($497 Value)

  • You can grow and scale your business wisely. Perpetual growth. Strategic well planned growth. That is what this module is all about. 
  • The old saying is absolutely true: “You’re either growing or you are dying - there is no in between”.
  • When should you begin hiring and building a team? Who do you need to hire first, second, and third?
  • When do you scale your paid marketing? How much money do you need to reinvest into marketing? When should you begin doing this? (counter intuitive to what most people think)

Exclusive Access To My Ultra Responsive Letter Templates ($497 Value)

  • The #1 letters that I've tested over the years that yield the most responsive open rates and response rates. These have taken me years and thousands of mailings to perfect. You get to use the shortcut & what works!
  • Completely customizable so that you can input your contact details.
  • Envelope templates for higher open rates

Webinar & Case Study LifeTime Vault
($1997 Value)

  • Access to each content rich webinar that I have held in the past, present, and future with replay access for your easy reference and motivation.
  • Case Studies and Interviews with students about their trials, wins, losses, and everything in between.
  • Mindset and movation from your's truly :)

Think Like A Warrior Morning Affirmations

  • The exact morning "warrior" affirmations that I say each day that have helped me grow into a confident, bold, and successful investor. How I began to turn my thinking around and my expectations around! You can do the same.


Normally $1997 - Today Only $997



If you buy today, I’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you save even more time getting setup and put yourself in position to product results much FASTER.

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Forms, Templates, Scripts, & Contracts Vault!

Everything that I use in my business - all of my marketing materials that have taken years to perfect. You get them right from the get go so that you can save tons of time! 

No need to reinvent the wheel. This will make your life 10X easier and will make systematizing your business much easier as well.

$997 Bonus

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Unprecendented Completion Challenge

To my knowledge I do not see ANYONE else offering such a cool guarantee! I am ready to put my money where my mouth is with my "Unprecendented 90 Day Completion Challenge".

Implement everything I am teaching you. Go through my entire course, every video. Do just 1 deal. And show me proof that you did complete the deal after you have bought my course, you have completed the entire course, and you have now done a deal and I will personally write you a check for $997!!

Making this course completely FREE!
Go through my entire course...Simply do what I teach and go do ONE deal from what I teach you within 90 days of your purchase... And I will send you $997

$997 Bonus

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60 Days Of Unconditional Phone Support

The first 60 days in your business can leave with the most questions. Knowing how to answer questions at each turn and navigate the waters is paramount. 

I will not outsource you to a team or an assistant. You get access to me personally to get your questions answered!

$2,997 Bonus


Designed For Busy People

I designed this course with people that have super busy schedules in mind.  I learned this business part time in the evening while working 50 + hour weeks.

We have short and easy to understand video lessons, so You get to learn at your own pace. Spend 15 minutes here or there while on your lunch break, or even while on the treadmill. It’s totally up to you!    


LifeTime Product & LifeTime Support

As long as there is a market for wholesaling real estate, Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint will be a valid teaching and resource for you to use for years to come!    

I offer to serve you with lifetime email support! 

I’m here for the long run. There will be constant improvements and iterations to The Ultimate Wholesaling Blueprint. I am constantly adding and tweaking thing to make it better and better.

I’m building a tribe of like minded people who are ready to break through. It's not about just a one time purchase, it's about creating lasting relationships and success stories!


Normally $1997 - Today Only $997 *** Plus Brand New Payment Option Available For A Very Limited Time Only ***